MIX Pattress Box Jig.

The most durable, practical pattress box template on the market.*

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MIX Pattress Box Jig.

Purpose made from aluminium alloy, this tool enables you to create a recess in any hard brick or block wall. Simply attaching to the wall and guiding an 8mm masonry drill through each hole cutting a pattress box recess into the wall. Wall debris is easily removed with a chisel leaving the recess required for a single or double wall socket (Double) or a triple wall socket (Triple). The triple includes a level to assist alignment.

Further Details:

  • Measurements (Double): 217mm x 94mm x 12mm.
  • Measurements (Triple): 310mm x 92mm x 12mm.
  • Extremely durable aluminium alloy unlike the alternative products and will enable dozens of recesses to be cut.
  • Double

  • Triple


How it works.

  1. Firstly drill and rawl plug holes for up to 6 screws to secure the plate to the wall.

  2. Drill through the the holes with an 8mm masonry drill.

  3. Remove the plate and clean out the loose brickwork to reveal a recess for the pattress box.

  4. Insert the pattress box and secure.

Customer reviews of the MIX Pattress Jig.

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The MIX Engineering story.

Mix Engineering was founded in 2016 by Mick, a professional quality engineer with 50 years of engineering experience.

“When working on renovating a turn of the century property, I could find nothing on the market that could reliably create a recess for an electrical back box without breaking the product or breaking the bank. With over 30 recesses to cut, I realised I needed to create a solution.

After a few trials I was onto something and once I’d created it something sturdy enough to do the job, I refined it until I got to what we have today. I had to make a few so put the ones I wasn’t using online to sell. I was astounded to find 100’s of people show interest and buy the product for the same reason.”

MIX has been creating pattress jigs for customers for the past 3 years and because of customer request extended the product to create the triple.

“I’m so pleased to have created a product that people find so useful and I’m hope to apply the same thinking to a few more products in the future.”

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