The most durable and practical pattress box template on the market.

A good little jig, works extremely well for small jobs or where brickwork is so hard a normal box chaser would fail.

Amazon Reviewer

Fast delivery, well packaged, worth every penny, much better than plastic.

Ebay Review

Good bit of engineering did exactly what I wanted it to do

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I bought your pattress drilling template from Amazon the other day and I really like it.  I was so impressed I sent a recommendation to Screwfix that they should stock it.  I also wrote you a good review on Amazon, I hope it works out for you.

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As a first time customer to your company I have got to say how very impressed I am with your high quality product. Not only was it received the next day by first class post but I was kept up to date on the dispatch of the item and the expected delivery date. I will certainly be passing your company onto my colleagues and Family.

Malcolm Dixon

Brilliant tool, made sinking pattresses easier and neater than other methods. Would recommend to anyone & would recommend the one with the level as it negates the need to use two tools

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It does make cutting out sockets a lot easier, worked well for brick wall. Would recommend to buy.

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Super Fast Delivery. Simple to use fix to wall, chain drill the 8mm holes, remove template, use a Scutch chisel hand or SDS and you will have a double socket suck in less than 10 minutes. Being aluminum it will last a lot lot longer than the old plastic versions.

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Should of bought one sooner! So much less mess and much quicker than an angle grinder. Will be recommending it to others.

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Step 1

Firstly drill and rawl plug holes for up to 6 screws to secure the plate to the wall.

Step 2

Drill through the the holes with an 8mm masonry drill.

Step 3

Remove the plate and clean out the loose brickwork to reveal a recess for the pattress box.

Step 4

Insert the pattress box and secure.

About MIX Engineering

Mix Engineering was founded in 2016 by Mick, a professional quality engineer with 50 years of engineering experience.

“When working on renovating a turn of the century property, I could find nothing on the market that could reliably create a recess for an electrical back box without breaking the product or breaking the bank. With over 30 recesses to cut, I realised I needed to create a solution.

After a few trials I was onto something and once I’d created it something sturdy enough to do the job, I refined it until I got to what we have today. I had to make a few so put the ones I wasn’t using online to sell. I was astounded to find 100’s of people show interest and buy the product for the same reason.”

MIX has been creating pattress jigs for customers for the past 3 years and because of customer request extended the product to create the triple.

“I’m so pleased to have created a product that people find so useful and I’m hope to apply the same thinking to a few more products in the future.”